Re-Imagining Theological Education



Theological institutions exist to serve the Church in her mission. As such, “re-imagining theological education” is a task that implies critical reflection upon our education methods and practices. The authors of the articles collected in this volume have undertaken such reflection and the results presented here provide a provocative vision of theological education that will, no doubt, prove to be informative and conducive to transformation.


Contemporary Christian communities are facing unique circumstances. The gradual secularization of the society, the relativisation of truth claims and the multiplication of religious options are challenges to be contended with. In addition to these, the post-communist context in Eastern and Central Europe is also marked by deeply rooted injustices, unresolved historical conflicts, remains of wicked ideologies, social unrest, moral decline, political opportunism and economic instability. Accompanied by the “idols” of fame, success, immorality and power, these external factors are affecting negatively the life and ministry of churches nowadays.


This volume argues that theological institutions must not ignore these unprecedented challenges, but have the responsibility to engage in deep theological reflection and thorough research in order to provide the Church with the resources that will enable her to proclaim and embody the gospel in meaningful and truthful ways.

Despre autori

Marcel V. Măcelaru (editor) Corneliu Constantineanu (editor) Romulus Vasile Ganea (editor)


Editura: Plērōma/Risoprint; An apariție: 2017.       


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